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MEDIPHON® is a laminated acoustic and safety glass. it consists of two or more sheets of glass assembled using one or more acoustic BPV films(Butyral of acoustic Poly Vinyl).

It has supperior performance compared to MEDLIAM® glazing of equivalent composition.


Thanks to its specifically adapted BPV, the accoustic MEDIPHON® achieves optimum acoustic performance in both single and double glazing, thereby providing comfort and well-being for the occupants.


  • Glazed facades and windows
    The MEDIPHON®, mounted in insulating glazing, makes it possible to strongly attenuate the outside noise in noisy zones.
  • Roof
    The MEDIPHON® significantly reduces the impact of noise of rain and hail on the windows and the insulated glass panels mounted on the roof.
  • Interior partitions
    The MEDIPHON®, used in single glazing, is particularly suitable for putting up glass walls in offices, meeting rooms...


Sound insulation:
MEDIPHON® presents acoustic insulation performances that are superior to those of a MEDILAM glazing, with an equivalent composition, assembled with a standard PVB.
Mechanical resistance and safety:MEDIPHON® has a mechanical resistance and safety performance level that is identical to that of a standard MEDILAM glazing with an equivalent composition. In the case of breakage, the glass fragments remain adhered to the BPV interlayer, thus reducing the risk of injury.

Fiche technique

Spécification technique de MEDIPHON

Clear flat glassBPVClear flat glassClear laminated glassTransmission TL %Reflexion R %Transmission TUV %Transmission Te %External Reflexion %Absorption Ae %Solar factor g % (EN 410)Ugw/m2.k(N673)Sound reducation coefficient[RW (C/Ctr) db EN 12758](db)Class EN 356ShadeColor Rendering in transmission Ra %

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