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The MEDISUN STOP® is a high-tech glass. Manufactured by a nano technology process process called "sputtering with magnetron (PMD)" Which gives it thermal insulation properties with a Ug value of up to 1.0 W/(m2K) and factor solar, allowing the entry of only 40% of solar radiation, while giving way to 60% natural light. And all of this while maintaining a beautiful neutral appearence.


  • Exteriors and mainly in large glass facades
  • In hot climates and large spaces
  • Windows and door-windows of dwellings
  • Verandas and loggias


Improves energy efficiency
Save up to 40% on your air conditioning bills and up to 14% on average on electricity and gas bills, thanks to the energy savings achieved by perfect insulation.

Protect your home from cold and heat
With a very low U-value of up to 1.0 W/(m2K) to achieve thermal insulation to protect yours from heat and cold.

Let the light in
Along with the thermal insulation benefits of a low-e glass, solar control properties are added where only 40% of solar energy is transmitted inside the home, so you can flood your house of natural light at any time of the year, thus mitigating the heat.

Protect the colors of your furniture and floors
It also helps to preserve the color of your decoration by filtering out up to 80.6% of UV (ultraviolet) rays, or increases this protection to 98.5%. Harmful UV rays are the cause of discoloration of materials and surfaces.

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